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Our highest priority is our people and our community. Lumin8 recognizes that establishing a safety and health program is one of the most effective ways of protecting our most valuable asset: our employees.
Losing employees to injury or illness, even for a short time, can cause significant disruption and cost-to our operation as well as that of our employees and their families. Lumin8 is committed to continuous improvements to the safety and health program and has the commitment from all levels of management.


Our Investment

We provide training, equipment, and tools to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all of our employees – to minimize the possibility of injury to our employees, and the public as a result of our operations. Our culture of safety starts at the top with our management team who play a key role in providing our team with the resources they need to complete our tasks safely.


  • BCSP Certified Safety Management Team
  • Regular Project/ Facility Audits
  • Safety Training and Certification Programs 
  • Investigation and Root Cause Analysis completed for all incidents/ near misses
  • Daily JSB’s (Job Safety Briefings)
  • Weekly Tool Box Talks
  • JHA’s (Job Hazard Analysis) 
  • Monthly Safety Meetings 
  • Our safety training, policies, and procedures will set the bar in the traffic industry, and will allow us to maintain a reputation that sets us apart from our competitors


Safety and Health is a core organizational value here at Lumin8. Our number one goal is for everyone to go home injury free.