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We design and deliver transportation solutions that connect our communities.

Lumin8 Traffic Signal and Lighting Maintenance

Traffic Signal and Lighting Maintenance

Lumin8 will design a comprehensive maintenance program to suit your needs.
  • Preventative maintenance services, including daily / weekly system checks to help you make repairs long before they become an issue
  • Detailed equipment health inspections
  • 24/7 emergency response maintenance services
  • Real-time maintenance and repairs reporting
Lumin8 Traffic Signal and Lighting Installation

Traffic Signal and Lighting Installation

Lumin8 is prepared to handle all routine and emergency installation needs.
  • Comprehensive project management and execution
  • Installation expertise with all traffic signal and lighting equipment, including signals, VMS/DMS, regulatory signs, roadway lighting, highway signaling, and more
  • Experienced traffic signal technicians with the highest level of IMSA certifications
Lumin8 Intelligent Transportation Systems (“ITS”)

Intelligent Transportation Systems (“ITS”)

We are at the forefront of ITS innovation with deep expertise that is unmatched in the industry.
  • Implementation of large scale ITS infrastructure, and maintenance and monitoring programs
  • Installation of an extensive range of ITS equipment including cameras, ATRs (Automated Traffic Recorders), and large and small scale real-time informational signage
  • Deployment and maintenance of network communications technology including fiber optics, wireless technologies and other communication protocols
  • Equipment agnostic to ensure the best product is utilized based on the customer requirements
Teenagers develop programming with blueprint code in laptop monitor.

Planning and Design

Our team has vast technical knowledge and experience to help you design your next project with your available resources
  • Traffic engineering and operations support
  • Signal timing and coordination
  • System communications planning
  • Traffic engineering studies including
    • origin and destination data
    • traffic flow, regional impact, and capacity analysis
  • Financial analysis focused on implementation resource costs and equipment product lifecycles