Intelligent Transportation Systems

We are entrusted to maintain thousands of ITS sites across the country.

At Lumin8, we have worked diligently and responsibly to earn our reputation as industry leaders Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) installation, operation, and maintenance services and solutions. We use the most efficient technology and trained personnel to provide a quality of service beyond our customers’ expectations.

We are entrusted to maintain thousands of ITS sites on a nationwide basis, representing over 50,000 discrete devices for customers including departments of transportation, municipalities, tolling agencies, and partners in the private sector.

We are experienced in implementing highly responsive, effective, and efficient ITS maintenance projects, having successfully resolved well over 100,000 ITS service calls on a continuous 24/7/365 basis over the past 20-plus years on similar performance-based contracts.

Lumin8 has the right team members to deliver a fully optimized ITS installation and maintenance program. This involves performing preventive maintenance, replacing obsolete equipment, managing devices, and extracting data from our customized Maintenance Management Systems (MMS).

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