Transportation Data

We understand that data is essential to building successful programs.

Lumin8 provides operational services including installation, repair, and maintenance, as well as maintenance of communications equipment. We also provide the necessary hardware and software to collect traffic data for distribution to Traffic Operation Centers.

With our expert knowledge of transportation operations, maintenance, and field service processes, Lumin8 has designed and developed customizable web-based Maintenance Management Systems (MMS) to provide a central data communication hub for our programs, creating one seamless connection between Lumin8 and its customers.

About our Maintenance Management Systems (MMS) Software

Our MMS software is capable of including integrated asset management, inventory, and service-management components, so that all of the data is available in a single portal. The MMS software facilitates a consistent workflow process, provides automated email notifications, and creates outstanding data file organization.

Our MMS systems are customizable and include the following services and more:

  • Program Management Dashboard
  • Mobile platform compatibility (smartphones and tablets)
  • GPS location enabled
  • Web-enabled portals
  • Performance Measures Tracking
  • Inventory and reporting of project assets and associated performance criteria
  • QA/QC process automated alerts
  • Site inspection application

With the use of the MMS software, Lumin8 is also able to provide Real Time Monitoring and Data Analytics for our programs. Lumin8’s Data Analytics modules include:

  • Dashboards displaying current and historical network performance data.
  • Databases that contain site availability and historical pay-for-performance records.
  • Report generation modules to generate performance metrics over different date ranges.

Analytics are delivered to the end user via the same web portal that hosts the MMS. The user interacts with the analytics through interactive dashboards, and it’s also exportable via excel reports.

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